Sisyphus Shrugged is available from these vendors on paper, Kindle, and Nook formats.

Amazon || B&N (Nook) || Kobo || iBooks

You may also ask your local independent bookstore to order it for you.

Thanks to Néna Rawdah, book maven and proprietress of St. Johns Booksellers in Portland, Oregon, for being the first bookstore owner in the World to stock my book.

“It’s not pure kindness, you know,” Néna said. “I like what you do.”

Her bookstore closed in 2015, but I remain grateful forever to her.


SS Original Cover on display at St. Johns Booksellers.

In Fairbanks, Alaska, Sisyphus Shrugged is available at two stores:

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, at 421 Mehar Avenue, 99701, (907) 452-6400.  (Thanks to manager Nicholas for taking a chance!)


SS on display at Barnes & Noble Fairbanks.

And Gulliver’s Books, at 3525 College Road, 99709, (907) 474-9574.  

Thank you, owners Brian and Christy Wiskeman, for adding my work to your collection!


SS on display at Gulliver’s Books in Fairbanks.

Just for fun, here is my review of the Atlas Shrugged movies:

“I have said it before and I will say it again: I could make a better movie out of Atlas Shrugged, a movie that conveys the messages of the book as they were intended without any editorializing by me, better than those who made these movies.  Why are they so inept?  My wife says it’s because conservatives are not creative. Oh, the irony.”